Internationally recognized for creativity in hair, makeup, perms and colouring, Sami Halaseh and his salon have been featured in such magazines as Harper's Bazaar, Modern Salon, Sophisticated Hairstyling Guide, and more.  Working with top fashion photographers and models across the world, he has earned a reputation as a master technician, but also as a passionate and innovative artist.  Dedicated to style, beauty, and wellness, Sami Halaseh sets standards of excellence that others admire and fashion trends that others follow.  


His Institute provides state-of-the-art training where he can share his globally sought-after techniques and passion with the next generation of stylists and artists.

Visit us.  Then enroll to define your future, expand your creativity, and master the technical skills needed to cultivate your own unique talents.  There is no better inspiration than Sami Halaseh and his staff at his Institute.