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“It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Sami Halaseh Institute, a place where students define their future, expand their creativity, and master the technical skills needed to cultivate their own unique talents. Here, you will learn from exceptional instructors who are passionate about the craft in a stimulating environment that ensures your success. Our Education by Pivot Point system is the finest in the industry and is regarded not only for its teaching methods, but for its cutting-edge fashion trends and commitment to lifelong learning.

Perhaps most important is our commitment to excellence. It is a commitment that we ask from all who are admitted to the Institute, and applies not only to student work, but student character, as well. Our standards of professionalism must be upheld by both our team and our students, so if you’re ready to make these commitments, join us at Sami Halaseh Institute. We’re grateful for your consideration and hope to see you soon as a student and future artist!”


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Internationally recognized for creativity in hair, makeup, perms, and coloring, Sami Halaseh and his salon have been featured in such magazines as Harper's Bazaar, Modern Salon, Sophisticated Hairstyling Guide, and more.  Working with top fashion photographers and models across the world, he has earned a reputation not only as a master technician, but also as a passionate and innovative artist.  Dedicated to style, beauty, and wellness, Sami Halaseh sets standards of excellence that others admire and fashion trends that others follow. 

Sami Halaseh Institute provides state-of-the-art training, where Sami can share his globally sought-after techniques and passion with the next generation of stylists and artists.

Visit us. Then enroll to define your future, expand your creativity, and master the technical skills needed to cultivate your own unique talents. There is no better inspiration than Sami Halaseh and his SHI staff.

Sami's cutting edge leadership in the industry has earned him an international reputation with his work being featured in many fashion magazines in the United States and Europe. Sami's recognition has also included local and national television exposure. He has studied, performed and competed in his art form, working with top fashion photographers and models throughout the world- including Jordan, Greece, England, Canada, Korea, France and all through the United States. But it was in Wichita, Kansas that he captured the entrepreneurial spirit and opened Sami Halaseh Salon, a leading salon with an emphasis on customer service, and an interest in educating clients, staff and others about health and beauty trends and issues.

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Bradley Fair

2132 N Rock Rd. Suite 103 

Wichita, KS  



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