Director of Education

Erin's authenticity exudes from her smile. Her unwavering passion for the education of her students is evident in everything she does. She offers invaluable support to each student as both an educator and a mentor, ensuring individual success.



Shayla's high level of energy and excitement  can only be matched by her knowledge of the Cosmetology industry. Her own passion for learning new skills and keeping up with current trends in continuously passed on to her students. Her individual support to her students is fueled by her enthusiastic attitude and thirst for knowledge.



​Jessica is delighted to be a part of the journey for those choosing a career in the beauty industry.  She has a deep passion for ensuring that the students educational needs are met. It is highly important to her that students are not only adequately prepared for the future but thrive as they move into their careers!  She loves to hear about our students’ many successes! 



Deborah's relaxed attitude ensures that we all have fun while working to achieve success.  While her dream is to help her daughter open her own salon one day, she treasures her work with our staff and students. 



Admissions Coordinator

Katherine has an immense passion for our students and brings in a fresh style to her teaching. She comes to us as a Sami Halaseh Institute graduate, and her attitude and commitment to a fresh style of learning is a of utmost importance to her.

The Sami Halaseh Institute is licensed by the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology and is in Initial Candidate Status with NACCAS.